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Strength and
Conditioning Classes

Fury Extreme

A high-intensity full body, interval workout that combines strength training and aerobic conditioning. This class utilizes cardiovascular and multi-functional weight training, that builds firm, lean muscle, strength and endurance.

Fury Explode

This class is a combination of strength and cardiovascular training, and is designed to improve overall fitness through functional weight training, aerobic conditioning, plyometrics, flexibility, agility and endurance.

Fury Attack

A high-energy sports inspired class with workouts featuring an optimal mix of strength, cardiovascular and core training. A great cross training class for a busy person on the go.  This is an All Levels Class.

Rise and Grind

Start your day with a heart pumping aerobic and strength conditioning workout. This class combines full-body strength training with energizing cardiovascular bursts of lasting energy throughout the day.

Body Revive

Revive yourself by using basic body weight, kettlebell and plyometric movements. In this class you will gain results through quality movement and is a great recovery class, with a fun upbeat atmosphere.

Buns Up

A complete lower-body blast that will light a fire in anybody's buns! This class targets the glutes, hip, thighs, abs, and lower back. An energetic class for a well rounded rump-shaker. This is an All Levels Class.

Kettlebell classes

Kettlebell Basics

Learn the foundational skills for RNC kettlebell training. If you’re new to kettlebells or training in general, this energizing yet beginner class will develop the foundations you need  for your next level of training.

Kettlebell Blast

A  class of that builds your  strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility in a fun, dynamic atmosphere. You will build lean muscle mass and burn fat. Challenging and efficient! Kettlebell experience required.

Kettlebell Explosion

Rev your metabolism, burn fat, and increase your cardiovascular endurance in the combo cardio and strength training class. This class is high aerobic and high energy, that gets results fast. Kettlebell experience required.

Kettlebell Blend

A class that is a blend of kettlebell combinations and functional strength training. Tone and tighten, build lean muscle mass and strength, and increases overall health and fitness at a moderate intensity.  

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